Boards are a special type of subcircuit containing "graphical" components.
Graphical components are those for user interaction: displays, motors, buttons, dials, etc.

The main diference is: those graphical components are shown while the rest of components are hidden.
This requires an extra step: placing graphical components inside the package.

To address this, a package component has a "Board Mode" checkable entry in Context menu.
Checking this entry hides all non-graphical comoponents in the subcircuit and shows graphical ones, allowing to place them in the position that will be shown when you use that subcircuit.

When you un-check "Board Mode" it returns to normal mode, showing all components in it's original position.

Positions of components in one mode does not affect positions in the other mode.

In adition there is another issue to address: component properties inside subcircuits are not accesible.
This migth be a problem for components like MCUs, because you cannot acess firmware loading, serial ports, etc.
The solution provided is also in package component context menu: "Select Main Component".
Choosing this option an then clicking on any component in the subcircuit will add this component context menu and properties to the subcircuit's ones.
Main Component will be highlighted in yellow.

Check this video: