A project like this is only possible with the effort of many people.

If you want to contribute to make SimulIDE a better application there are several ways to do it:

Perhaps the most important is reporting any problem or bug you find while using the simulator.
You can report bugs or other problems in SimulIDE Forum.

The translation system is starting to get shape.
If you want to translate to your language have a look at Forum/General_Discussion/Translations.

If you are a developer, you are very wellcome to contribute to the project.

There are some work to do that doesn't require coding knowledge, for example creating subcircuits like the 74 series ICs.

If you want to support this project you can do a PayPal donation.
Or support us in Patreon Or LiberaPay

Another way to support me and get SimuliDE videos is subscribing to SimulIDE youtube Channel.

And of course sharing this pages, videos, etc in social media.

Thanks for your interest!!