SimulIDE is a simple real time electronic circuit simulator, intended for hobbyist or students to learn and experiment with simple electronic circuits and microcontrollers, supporting PIC, AVR and Arduino.

This is not an accurate simulator for circuit analysis, it aims to be fast, simple and easy to use, this means simple and not very accurate electronic models and limited features.

Simplicity and ease of use are the key features of this simulator.
You can create, simulate and interact with your circuits within minutes, just drag components from the list, drop into the circuit, connect them and push power button to see how it works.

SimulIDE also features a code Editor and Debugger for GcBasic, Arduino, PIC asm and AVR asm. It is still in it's firsts stages of development, with basic functionalities, but it is possible to write, compile and basic debugging with breakpoints, watch registers and global variables.

License: GPLv3.

Source code: https://launchpad.net/simulide


  • Analog and Digital components.
  • Microcontrollers.
  • Code Editor.
  • Debugger.
  • Subcircuits.
  • DIP/Logic Symbols.
  • Circuit Animation.
  • Basic Shapes.
  • Oscilloscope.
  • Signal Plotter
  • Serial Port Connection.
  • Serial Monitor.